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The LIGHT emitted by your body reveals the state of your health.  This light carries the vital information that steers all of your body processes. Biophoton Light Therapy (Biophotonics) is the process of restoring your health by re-establishing the coherency of your light.

We accomplish this with the state-of-the art CHIREN / STARLIGHT Instrument.


What is Biophoton Therapy

The cells in our bodies continuously absorb and release light. (around 100,000 biophotons per second, per cell).


This light serves as the information and communication system which runs our body.  "Rivers" of Biophotons flow up and down our bodies, delivering information to every cell, controlling and coordinating all biochemical reactions.  We cannot see this light with the naked eye, but instruments can detect them.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has known about these "Biophoton Rivers" for at least 5000 years, and calls them Acupuncture Meridians.  There are 12 Acupuncture Meridians, one for each organ system.  To achieve a healthy body, a TCM doctor knows that all tissues must be optimally serviced by these rivers of light and their tributaries.


Now, with the advanced technology of the CHIREN / STARLIGHT Instrument, we have a way to measure the QUALITY of the light within these meridians and correct it where it is faulty.  This is the same as finding and removing corrupted software from a computer system. When we do this, the body heals, and symptoms go away on their own.


We never suppress symptoms.  To silence a symptom is to kill the messenger and compound the body's stress.  Instead, we remove the CAUSES of the symptoms.

It has been observed that a healthy cell or organ emits coherent light (the photons are marching lock-step, like a laser) and an unhealthy one emits incoherent, diffuse light (like a common light bulb), This makes it possible to check on the "photon river", aka meridian, of each organ system to see if that organ system is "healthy" or not. And if not, to pinpoint exactly what it would take to make it healthy.

This investigative process provides insight into each individual client’s unique situation. It is a great tool for helping the Biophoton Light Therapist pinpoint the cause of the client’s symptoms. In fact, this process is the very basis of the science of Biontology as taught by Johan Boswinkel.

Once we figure out the remedies that neutralize the causes, we administer them while you hold the optical glass rods. The treatment is delivered in a biofeedback fashion so that you only absorb the light frequencies that are beneficial for you - i.e. those that resonate with you and make your light coherent. Therefore this therapy is supremely safe, non-invasive and effective.

Finding the Cause

An accumulation of stresses - microbes, toxins, vaccines, medications, chemical, electromagnetic pollution, etc., confuse and overwhelm our immune systems.  These are the causes of unexplained chronic health problems.  Symptoms are merely your body's way of telling you exactly what is going wrong.

The science of Biontology, as taught by Johan Boswinkel, using the CHIREN / STARLIGHT Instrument, gives us a way to sort through the multiple layers of causes and symptoms so we can arrive at what is at the root of the problem.  Once we find the causes, we neutralize them with their exact opposite light frequencies. (The principle is similar to how noise-cancelling earphones work.) When the causes are gone, your body becomes healthy again.

This is why we only need a limited number of CHIREN / STARLIGHT treatments for permanent results.  When all the body points measured with the CHIREN / STARLIGHT have become coherent, the client is symptom-free and feels subjectively well. The course of the treatment is finished, and the results are lasting.  The number of treatments required varies, but can be as few as 1 or 2.  On average, most people are done after 7 to 10 treatments.  People who are on a lot of medication will usually need more treatments because pharmaceuticals tend to disable the body's healing mechanisms as they suppress symptoms and attempt to bring medical parameters into "normal" range.


The Biophoton Therapy Center, which Margaret established in 2010, is the first one of its kind in the United States.


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Margaret Wilson, B.Sc., Certified Biontologist

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