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About Margaret

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Margaret Wilson, B.SC

Certified NES Practitioner;

Certified Biontologist/Biophoton Therapist; Certified Qest4 Practitioner

One of the first Biophoton Therapists in the United States, Margaret was personally trained in the Netherlands by Dr. Johan Boswinkel, inventor of the Chiren™ instrument and creator of Biophoton Coherency Therapy. She has been a full time practicioner of Biophoton Therapy since 2010.

She later added two more powerful technologies into her practice: the Qest4™ instrument in 2015, and the NES Health System in 2016, Each of these three technologies works with the information system of the body in different ways.

Margaret's deep curiostity about how the human body operates orginally led her to pre-med studies (B.Sc. "67 McGill University, Montreal) and later her to various studies of bio-energentics over several decades.

Her journey as a healer gained momentum in 1987 when she began to practice some of the fascinating modalities she studied, taught by some of the foremost teachers and healers of the time. 

This list includes:

Dr. Victor Frank's TBM (Total Body Modification); Dr. John Veiltheim's Bodytalk; Dr. Klinghart's ART (Autonomic Response Testing); Contact Reflex Analysis; Koryo Hand Therapy; Ersdal Zone Therapy; several Emotional techniques; several nutritional/herbal modalities; Matrix Energetics; Dr. Frank's Natural Healing; Sclerology; Yuen Energetics; and many more.

Margaret incoroprates her in-depth understanding and broad perspective of the many facets of health and healing into her work with the Chiren™, and Qest4™, and the NES Health Systems.

These three modalities represent the culmination of her seardh for the fastest, most reliable healing methods rooted in a sound theoretical framework.

The NES Health System, the Chiren™, and Qest4™, are how Margaret's go-to-tools for finding and addressing issues in order to restore the body's natural ability to heal itself without invasive interventions.     

"I measure my success by how quickly my clients resolve their health issues."  - Margaret

From time to time Margaret offers seminars, workshops and newsletters on various self-help topics and occasionally invites guest instructors.

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Margaret Wilson, Certified NES Practitioner, Certified Biontologist/Biophoton Therapist, Certified Qest4 Practitioner, health, Starlight, Chiren