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The Physics of Healing: NES Health

Have you ever thought about what makes your body heal from injury or sickness? We all take for granted the self-healing intelligence of our bodies, without which we would probably be dead before age one.   But how does it work? And why does it sometimes fail us? If we are indeed self-healing, then why do chronic illnesses linger?

These are some of the questions that Australian investigator Master Acupuncturist Peter Fraser attempted to answer through his painstaking, three decades-long research. Peter wanted to be able to explain all aspects of living systems with a unified theory. He wanted to  solve the unanswered questions within seemingly conflicting bodies of knowledge:  Oriental Medicine (which is based on bio-energetic observations), and Western Medicine (based on Physiology and Biochemistry).  Each does a good job addressing some issues, but utterly fails or ignores others. 

Understanding the transfer of energy and information within the Human Body Field (HBF) required much, much looking: beyond cellular biochemistry, all the way to quantum physics.  Ultimately it was Physicist Milo Wolff’s Space Resonance Theory that provided the theoretical framework for Peter’s findings. It all came together as a seamless whole and made perfect sense within this context.  Peter was able to describe the Human Body Field as a quantum electrodynamic entity resulting from the interactions of sub-atomic particles, to explain how the HBF powers all the systems of the physical body and how transfer of information occurs.

He showed that the properties and interactions of this master control system can be mathematically determined, assessed and influenced. To that end, Peter developed a proprietary method of magnetically imprinting information into liquids.  These liquids are called the NES Health Infoceuticals. He now had a way of providing missing or corrupted information to any distorted energetic structure within the HBF.  He had launched a health care revolution.

Peter Fraser and Harry Massey, co-founder of NES, created a computerized method of scanning the HBF in order to identify the energetic structures that need correction. The scan does this by comparing the HBF of the person being scanned with an “ideal” HBF and recommends the Infoceuticals that will restore the HBF.   

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Energetic Drivers:

 All cells and organ systems must have sufficient energy to function properly. This energy is partially supplied by metabolizing sugars, but Peter identified additional mechanisms controlled by what he called the Energetic Driver Fields. Each of these 16 driver fields accumulates and supplies energy to its respective area of responsibility. Distorted or depleted ED’s result in insufficient energy to power that field, which in turn results in malfunction in the physical body. The 16 Energetic Driver Infoceuticals restore integrity to each of the Energetic Driver Fields.     

Click here to watch Peter’s video about the Drivers (1 hr 03min )

Enegetic Integrators:

Living cells need to know what to do in every moment in time: what proteins to manufacture; what biochemical reactions to initiate, what substances to allow in, what kinds of garbage to get rid of, etc. The Human Body Field contains information-transfer pathways that bring these instructions to each cell and organ. Peter identified 12 of these pathways and called them Energetic Integrators. They are related to the Acupuncture meridians. Each Integrator carries particular information to the specific areas it serves. EI’s can be negatively affected by factors such as toxins, stress, pathogens, EMF’s, etc., which can distort or damage them.  This brings confusion to the organs that they serve, causing functional disruptions, which we recognize in the physical body as various diseases.  The 12 Energetic Integrator Infoceuticals restore proper function to each of the Energetic Integrators.

Click here to watch Peter’s video about the Energetic Integrators (52min) 

The 13 Energetic Terrains make up the energetic immune system that controls the physical immune system. Part of their function is to carry the healing messages that maintain an environment in the body that is unfriendly to pathogenic activities. Disturbed immune function results when these healing messages get distorted. So-called  auto-immune disorders are an example of this. They are corrected by their respective Infoceuticals.    

Click here to watch the Peter’s video about the Energetic Terrains  (36 min)

The 15 Energetic Star Infoceuticals address the mini-networks in the HBF that control energy usage for different activities in the body.  There are 15 Infoceuticals that restore integrity to each of these. 

Click here to watch the Watch Peter’s video about the Energetic Stars (47min)

Additionally, there are infoceuticals designed to restore integrity to Brain Hologam fields impaired by shock/ conflict/ trauma where the seeds of the original disturbances reside, based on Dr. Hamer’s German New Medicine. Other infoceuticals assist in processing “undigested” emotions and re-establish balance to the Field.

As our environment gets ever more toxic and stressful, some of the trusty old interventions for treating the physical body are becoming obsolete –especially where chronic illnesses are concerned.  Much of the damage done to our health today is the result of distortions introduced into our bio-energetic system by toxins, EMF’s, stress, etc.

The damage must be repaired where it originates. The NES system does not concern itself with the physical body or any of its diseases. It does nothing to the physical body whatsoever.  It merely restores integrity to the master control system that runs the body: the Human Body Field.  Changes in the HBF then show up as changes in the physical body.

NES technology provides the  21st century solution to our 21st century problems.

Biophoton Coherency Therapy Library

Dr. Johan Boswinkel developed the CHIREN ™ / STARLIGHT instrument and established the Institute of Applied Biophoton Sciences which is based in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

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